Claudia Becque

Claudia is an RN spending time in oncology at Northwestern, Stanford, and RMCC touching patients lives on a daily basis while getting inspired by their strength and resilience. She spent time as an aspiring 3 sport athlete, competing in swimming, basketball, and track until the lack of coordination and running success narrowed that to one. Running took her to Marquette where she competed in Cross Country and Track & Field and accelerated her passion which had extended 26 years. She has competed in the last 3 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials and recently accomplished her lifelong dream of making a World team. She will compete for Team USA at the World 50k Championships on November 11 in Doha, Qatar. Claudia is extremely honored to be a part of TeamExtreme and will be racing for all the heroes that keep our country safe, including her brother Michael who is a retired Navy pilot.



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